Cooking Rice in a Nabe and Local Seafood

Seafood is a surprisingly affordable product in grocery stores, and there’s a great variety available to us here. Not all attempts of cooking has been what I’d call a success, but it’s a fun experience nonetheless. One way we’ve learned to cook with seafood is with a hot pot, or nabe (なべ) as it is called here.

During our first week in Usa, we receive a housewarming gift from our friends in Yokohama. It is recommended that we make rice in it, as it’s apparently more delicious than a rice cooker. Our first try cooking with the nabe includes rice, octopus, and vegetables.


Before use, we must “prime” the pot, by leaving rice water overnight. The starch acts to fill in the pores of the pot, making it ready to use by the morning.

Pouring in the rice water.


The next evening, we prepare a brown rice dish with steamed vegetables and octopus.


Another night, we have plain rice, salad, tofu and crab. A salad green we’ve been enjoying is mizuna みずな, a slight mustard-y flavoured green.


Homemade-style tofu.


Another night, we skip the rice and opt for cold noodles, with shrimp, and sea snails (?).


At the grocery store, I was taken with their pearl iridescent interior.


These devils were hard to get out! An interesting flavour. Tastes better than it looks.