Fukamido Cafe

On a Saturday morning, we head to a cafe called Fukamido, after being invited to their opening the previous night at an English conversation meet-up. Our ears perk up when they mention coffee, and we don’t want to miss the opportunity to try out good cafes. It’s pouring out, a perfect day for a coffee indoors.


One of the things that makes Japan so wonderful are their zoning laws for businesses. Theirs allow Japanese to set up business in a residence, and this is what Fukamido does. The cafe is set up on the main floor of the building, in an traditional style home complete with tatami, paper sliding doors, and tokonoma (built-in recessed space, where artistic appreciation is displayed). We can hear the lour pattering of the rain outside, and it feels like a warm refuge here.


We order coffees, but quickly notice the selection of dessert sets, and give a few a try. Desserts don’t normally drive me to any location, but I’ll make an exception to Fukamido. I haven’t had such delicious desserts in a long time.

Kabosu (a type of lime that flourish here) soda.
Cake with Shine Muscats. The Shine Muscats are the first ones I eat here. The taste take me aback; they are one of the best grapes I’ve ever tried.
Chocolate basil ice cream. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
Fig tart.