Apartment Tour (Part Two)

Our apartment is in quiet neighbourhood with a view of the mountains and rice fields. The loudest thing we hear during the day are the kindergarteners adjacent to the apartment, and the ring of the school bell. However, we are also a convenient 5 minute walk away from one of the main streets of Oita, populated with stores including two drugstores, a grocery store, children’s store, a dollar store, electronics and hardware store.


The first drugstore is more than just drugs and toiletries, but also includes rice cookers and washing machines, a cooler section with beer and wine, and even a small grocery section.


Two drugstores face each other, with Drugstore Mori on the other side of the street. The close proximity to the other doesn’t seem to hurt each other’s businesses, with cars always parked in the front parking lot.


A children’s store. DSCF2924_webDSCF2925_webDSCF2926_web

Daiso (Japanese equivalent to a dollar store.)


A small grocery store that has become our go-to stop for groceries. DSCF2930_web

Komeri, a hardware store.


After finishing shopping, the walk home is a contrast with the big box stores.

Apartment Tour, by Lost in Kyushu, Mika Senda
A small cemetery.


People joke about how poor Usa is, but that is never reflected in the neighbour’s lawns. Their trees and yards are always beautifully cultivated, and you can feel the pride in their property.