Apartment Shopping Day

It’s apartment shopping day! I’ve been dreaming about this day even before arriving to Usa, and am excited to fill in some of the gaps that’s been felt while being here. There’s a few places in town, but we decide to head out to the neighbouring city of Nakatsu 30 minutes away, where our pick will be wider with their big box furniture stores.


In Nakatsu, the first stop is Nitori (N) a Japanese version of IKEA, with a wide selection of furniture, beds, kitchen supplies, lamps, futons, storage, etc. Here, we select a low table and two swivel chairs. However, they are out of stock, so we order for delivery and keep shopping.





Next is an electronics shop called Tecc. Land. Can anyone guess what we’re shopping for here? 😉


This store is a techie’s dream, with a dizzying array of electronics all housed under several bright, white lights. We don’t stay long; we make a quick TV selection and head out.

Getting our brand new TV into our car.


Finally, NAFCO, the Home Depot of Japan. We’ve only come for a tape measurer, but we take our time exploring anyways. Jesse is pleased to have found this.



Today’s haul.


Our TV! I was keen for this one. I’ve read online that one can get a few free local channels when a TV is first set up, but we aren’t able to figure it out. No TV watching tonight. We’ll have to wait until we can get someone to do it for us.

*A few days later: turns out that there was something called a B-S Card included with our TV, which needed to be installed in the back in order to receive the free channels. It was a bit silly how easy it was to set it up after spending a fair amount of time manually trying every setting and button I could find. I need to get my Japanese into shape!